Transform the Present into the Possible through

The Way of the Horse


“Across the world and through the ages, horses have been depicted as messengers of wisdom, creativity, healing and redemption. Many of these ancient myths have parallels in reality, as these animals are increasingly recognized for their powerful healing capabilities. The latest research in consciousness, emotional intelligence and mind-body awareness demonstrates how horses seem to read minds and may increase human creativity, intuition and transformation.”

— Linda Kohanov

Susan and Coach Simon

Are you ready…

  • to step into wholeness, where the integration of body, mind, soul and spirit create a powerful journey into  yourself and with those around you?
  • to see and more deeply understand your inherent knowledge, creativity and wisdom?
  • to activate and embody your deepest wisdom?
  • for your inner life and your outer life to be in alignment?
  • to unlock your heart…so that compassion, peace and the possibility of transformation are the gifts you take into your work, your relationships and your world?

This work is a powerful place to explore these questions and more. It is also a powerful place for you to find your answers. Enlisting a 1200-pound partner to achieve a remarkable change in the dynamic of your life? Yes! Equine-assisted coaching, through equine facilitated experiential learning (EFEL) is about partnering with horses to:

  • explore wisdom, creativity, intuition and emotional agility
  • make powerful shifts in areas of relationships, work, self-awareness and personal leadership skills
  • connect with your life’s purpose
  • build trust and discover your Authentic Power



Why Horses?

Because they are preyed upon in nature, these sensitive, mindful creatures have maintained a highly developed ability to respond to their environment. Subtle changes and nuances that we may not be aware of can provoke behaviors in them that give us information about ourselves. This helps us identify behaviors that impact our lives, relationships and careers in a negative way or keep us from moving forward.

Through the authentic connection that horses require of us, we learn to clearly communicate our intentions. And they respond to this with trust and full engagement. Something that may be quite new to some of us; something that can be more fully present in our daily lives.

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